Starting Fresh

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

If 2018 was my year of perspective, 2019 will be the year of traction.

I took a break from the life I knew, leaving the business world to travel and study my passion of writing. I’ve grown a lot, learned a lot, and experienced a lot, for which I’m extremely grateful.

Learning is not a passive activity.

Absorbing knowledge becomes pointless when we don’t apply the information in a way that makes it our own. But there’s a right way to put newfound knowledge into practice, especially when you’re packed to the brim with theories and examples.

Now that I’m back, it’s time to sink my teeth into projects that will help me build a sustainable future; to take action on the things I’ve learned.

Fighting For Right

I’ve always stood up for what I believe in.

And while the added perspective from the past year has changed how I see things, it hasn’t much changed what I believe in.

Here’s an example from a few years ago:

Learning and practising martial arts is a great way to master the body and mind. Each type of martial art offers a different, yet similar approach to this goal.

I had trained in Jiu-Jitsu for nearly 5 years as a child. When my friend asked if I wanted to come to the Muay Thai gym where he was teaching, I was excited to try this new discipline.

As he and fellow instructors began training me, it was evident that I was familiar with punching and kicking things, but I made it clear that I was here to learn their art, not to show off my own knowledge.

I allowed them to mold me, pretending I’d forgotten everything I knew about striking, absorbing the skills and techniques they were sharing without bias.

Time For Business

I’m going to apply this same learning philosophy to my next venture, having joined an incubator to help me start a freelance writing business.

While I’ve spent a ton of time in and around incubators, and am familiar with their processes, tools and techniques, I’m going to act like a blank canvas.

I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  • Humility makes me much more enjoyable to work with, and motivates my mentors and peers to do all they can to help me along my path

  • Removing the bias that “my way is the best way” helps ensure I’m not blind to best practices moving forward

  • It opens me up to be reminded of things I’ve forgotten, and allows for the opportunity to see things I already know in a different light

Despite my previous experience, nobody will win if I approach this venture like I already have all the answers.

Key Takeaways

Humility and action go a long way when it comes to learning.

Past knowledge and experiences are invaluable - they’ve gotten you where you are now - but, they can stand in the way of progress if you let them.

I’m not a big fan of giving advice, but this has definitely been a huge help to me in the past, and hopefully will be again in this newest project.

Lots more content focused on learning and development coming soon.

Plus, I’m hopefully launching a new business in the coming months, so keep an eye out for that!

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