Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Lost, they’d imprisoned me, expecting I would swiftly perish.

Sight failing me, I’d been snuffling out scraps to survive.

My past was forgotten, and I held little hope for the future. I longed for release.

Until an angel appeared and saved me.

As an old man, I became an adopted son, and life began anew. Given nourishment and care, comfort and security; I didn't know why I deserved this, but I thanked her as best I could.

Welcomed into a family, their wealth of spirit breathed new life into my own, and I was given the gift of more years than I could have hoped for.

But time always finds its mark.

We were sad, but without pity, as my suffering had ended long ago.

Wafting, painless, a prick on the arm and my angel’s soft voice guided me towards my final home.

I was grateful, and I think so was she, for the love she had given and I had received had saved us both.

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