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I Love Mondays is a perfect example of the power of partnership. George and I co-created the book entirely, from ideation to plotting, from drafting to editing, all the way through to publication. I’m constantly seeking amazing people who have committed themselves wholeheartedly to their causes, who have generated their own insights, experience, and wisdom and are ready to share their philosophies, methodologies, and ideas with the world.

If you’re wondering who can take the stuff that’s in your head and turn it into an engaging and impactful story, look no further. Dakota took what I brought to the table and leveraged his storytelling abilities to create an amazing finished product. I brought the ingredients (content, skills, methodologies), we collaborated on the recipe, then as a master chef, he prepared a beautifully presented delicious meal (our book). Dakota accepts feedback positively, then integrates it effectively to produce a superior product. This makes for a collaborative and powerful working relationship. You will be well served to engage Dakota in your book creation journey.

George Anastasopoulos
Founder & Head Coach, Leadership Fundamentals Inc.

If you feel like you have the ingredients for a book inside your head, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them, I want to talk to you.

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