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Books by Dakota LaMarre

Coming Soon

Sowing Wealth

In this light-hearted but impactful piece of nonfiction, I give words to the learnings my colleague and old friend Mark Fehrman of KIS Tax Services and Fehrhaven Farms has shared with me. Mark is a 3rd generation farmer and an accountant, and his experience has helped him create a really unique and powerful outlook on building wealth. The book contains 10 of his wealth building principles, and the exercises and supplemental workbook will help you take action towards financial independence and growing your business. Sign up for my newsletter for updates!

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More Money in Less Time

In my first solo book, I will share everything I know about business ownership. My goal in writing More Money in Less Time is to help you understand your business better. This book will contain a ton of useful information about the areas of your business that you didn’t commit to being an expert in, the parts that every business has to master in order to thrive and bring its owners joy instead of stress. Sign up for my newsletter to read chapters as they become available. 

Ghostwriting Services

Monetizing your intellectual property is the pinnacle of making More Money in Less Time. Creating a book and supplementary courses to share your knowledge is an amazing way to create passive income. 

You’ve committed your life and career to advancing your craft, you’ve got a growing audience, and you feel like you have the contents of a book in your head. If so, what’s keeping you from writing it? 


Speaking from experience, it’s probably time and writing expertise standing in your way. You’re probably too busy running your business, don’t know where to start, and/or don’t enjoy writing. That’s where I come in. 


In just a 1 hour weekly phone call, plus the time it takes you to read and edit the chapters I send you, you can have a completed manuscript in just a few months. 


You’ve got the wisdom and the audience, I’ve got the storytelling expertise and publishing experience. Let’s write your book!


Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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