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Are you a small business owner who is hungry, humble, and hell-bent on helping people?


Then you’re my kind of person!


I love helping people who have committed to their goals and dreams, and are walking their own path. Starting your own business is one of the boldest, riskiest, most courageous things a person can do, and that’s what makes you so special.


But, when you registered your business name and opened your doors, you might not have considered or even realized everything else you signed up for. There are a lot of factors influencing the success of your business besides how good you are at your craft. 


Helping you manage those things you dread doing but have to do in order for your business to flourish are what I do best. Whether you need help with accounting and finance, marketing, business development and sales, strategy, hiring and training staff, or any other of the countless things demanding your attention as a business owner, you can rely on me for help.


All good business owners are surrounded by a team of trusted partners, and I want to be on yours. 


First and foremost, I’ll be your trusted advisor and a great listener. Please, reach out if you want some help. I’m in the business of helping your business succeed!

About LaMarre Solutions

At LaMarre Solutions, we support small business owners in all the areas outside of their core business. Whether you’re a landscaper, salon owner, accountant, videographer, insurance broker, restaurateur, contractor, or any other type of business owner, you not only have to be an expert in your craft, but in everything else required to run a successful business. This includes sales and marketing, hiring and team building, planning and strategy, finance and accounting, and so much more.


If you’re struggling to manage any of these areas of your business, reach out to us today. We want to help!


You might be asking yourself, “how can they be good at all of those things?” That’s a fair question. It’s actually quite simple when you understand Our Approach. We treat every project the same, starting with research and storytelling to create a plan, then offering coaching and support when it comes time to execute, and finally, documenting feedback for next time. We also keep tabs on all of the advancements and key learnings from the world of business, taking philosophies and techniques used by the top corporations in the world and modifying them to apply to your small business. 


The team at LaMarre Solutions, plus our ever growing collection of partners and advisors, is built to bolster any area of your business where you need support. Use us for small projects or outsource entire functions of your company to us. We’re the business experts, constantly developing in our field so you can stay focused on winning in yours.


We thrive on conversations and relationships. Get in touch today! It all starts with a free consultation, which could get you a feature in one of our newsletters, books, or other publications! Who knows where the relationship will lead from there?

About Dakota LaMarre

The idea for LaMarre Solutions came to me when I was in university in Waterloo. I noticed all the resources, mentorship, and opportunities being given to technology start ups and wondered why they weren’t being offered to small business owners. Having grown up in a small business household, with my parents being owner/operators of their own company, I was familiar with all the challenges that business owners had to deal with every day.


When I graduated, I tried working in the corporate world, but quickly found it wasn’t for me. I quit that life to commit to my passion of writing and make a career as an author, writer, and consultant. I spent a year traveling around the globe and practicing writing, living in Vietnam and Germany, and spending a lot of time in Greece and Spain. All I did was write until I had developed my craft to the point where I could use it to provide real value to clients.


When I came home, I bartended and drove Uber in Toronto just to pay the bills and support my dream. Finally, I started picking up some freelance writing opportunities, and wrote and published a book for a client. The only problem was that I had found myself working with a corporate audience again. 


After a much-needed recalibration, I officially launched this company a decade in the making. LaMarre Solutions was officially born, and it exists to serve exclusively small business owners. Along with providing marketing and consulting help, we have a strong focus on research and publishing stories about successful business owners, digging into their success and sharing tips, techniques, and mindset hacks to help you be successful in your business. 


I look forward to connecting with you, hearing your story, and sharing ways to improve your business and your life.

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