31 Days

December is a hectic month.


While I'd love to be working on my larger projects, it's going to be tough to maintain focus with all the distractions. 


That's why I've created this challenge: 


31 Stories in 31 Days.


Throughout December, I'll be traveling from Saigon to Toronto, and finally to New York City, plus a ton of other places in between to visit family and friends.


That's why I'm writing 1 piece of flash fiction (under 300 words) each day of the month. 


By the new year, you'll see 31 stories on this page, each one short and sweet, but a complete story nonetheless. 

I hope you enjoy :)

31 Stories

These stories might leave you wanting for more.


To craft a narrative across a half page, adding both characterization and plot, is no small task. 


As I travel from place to place throughout the month of December, the stories you'll read will be inspired by the things I encounter. Some will be snapshots of larger stories, some will be snippets of real-life encounters. 


My goal is to make each story complete on its own, yet to leave much room for interpretation by you, the reader. 


As you read them, fill in the blanks, add your own flare, and, most importantly, ask yourself what happens next.